Keeping Away From The Kardashians

I swear this family is the anti-christ! They are in everything, television, movies, clothing stores, purse shops, perfume stores as well as books. You either love them or hate them, there is no in between. This week alone has sent everybody reeling over the Kardashians. I will never hate on anyone’s hustle but we have been spoon-fed with way too much bullshit far too long!

We pretty much know everything about this publicity hungry family so what else could we possibly not know about them?

Apparently the head honcho, the pimpstress if you wanna call her thinks there are a few things we don’t know. So comes another damn book. Kris Jenner…and All Things Kardashian. I was one of those people who watched their shows faithfully but even I have been suffering morning sickness from all of the stories; do I really need to know when they burp, eat and shit? And really Kris did you really write this? I know you didn’t.

Kris Jenner. Original photo by Martyna Borkowski

Image via Wikipedia

You don’t have the time. I’m really a tad bit aggravated that no one writes their own ish anymore they have to hire ghostwriters. These celebrities come in and get a book deal just like that (did you hear my fingers snap?). I’m grinding my ass off while this family is getting rich and it all started with a load of cum and a video camera. Yeah I said it while you were thinking it.

Am I hatin? Nah. People lately have started to interchange the word ‘hatin’ with ‘realness’. At the end of the day I’m a true writer and she with her ‘hoes’ are not. Some things should be left alone; in this case their ‘supposed’ writing attempts.

Peace & luv (I guess)


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