Digital People’s Library

Writers that have or are involved in The Occupy Wall Street have been really grinding their butts off letting everyone know what they are fighting for and for whom. Next month a group called Writers For The 99% will be releasing a book. It will be titled Occupy Wall Street: The Inside Story Of An Action That Changed The Course of America. Over 200 pages of what started this movement and interviews will brace the pages along with their medical, kitchen and library daily activities. OR Books is the publisher.

Another project that is coming out of Occupy Wall Street is People’s Libraries. New Yorkers can find a Privately Owned Public Space get the books they have and mingle with the neighbors especially the kids. See their eyes light up when they get books. Contrary to popular beliefs kids still love to read.

Unfortunately I and everyone else do not live in the Big Apple. You can impact your community. Go to your city’s legislation and ask for your own list of Owned Public Spaces where you can set up shop. Impact your neighborhood; sometimes it only takes one to create a shift in the universe.

When you create a lists of books put it on your blog too, let people know what you are trying to do. GalleyCat would love to have that list to build a directory of Digital People’s Libraries.

Peace and luv!

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