Just A Sample: Sexhibition

My next riddle leads me to a swanky massage parlor. When I walk in I have no idea what to expect. Soft elevator music is coming from hidden speakers. The colors are warm and inviting; it is a combination of deep burgundy and chocolate brown trimmed with gold accents. What looks like large plantain leaves is hanging above twirling around in circular motion. Instantly I feel at peace but my mind is wrecking itself because it’s trying to figure out how this is supposed to be a clue to who this Mr. Mandingo King is and where he is at?! I am immediately whisked away by some Asian lady who speaks no English and keeps bowing even though I am not addressing her. She takes me into a small room full of vanilla candles and a massage table. I expect this porcelain doll to hand me a towel but I never get one. What kind of shit is this?


Once she starts I quickly forgot I am naked. The shit is feeling good as hell. Muscles I didn’t know I have loosen under this little woman’s hands. I feel myself starting to doze off when the magic hands stop. I am fixing my lips to cuss this woman out when I all of a sudden feel a weird vibration on the back of my knees. It works its way up my leg and in between my thighs. Damn this must be that nu-nu shit!


I feel the power on whatever this lady is using get stronger the closer she gets to my pussy. I just know she is going to stop but she didn’t. “Hey wh…” I start to say but when I look back the Asian lady has one finger to her hot pink lips and a wicked but very seductive grin behind that finger. Her almond shaped eyes are almost paper slit thin. For whatever stupid reason I didn’t finish but put my face right back into that doughnut cushion. You know what I’m talking about, that cushion will put anyone to sleep.


My phone vibrates indicating another text. ‘Let her do her thang ma. Relax’ Shit you don’t have to tell me twice. I close my eyes and let the powerful machine work its way up and down my legs. Is it wrong for me to want this Asian mami to shove that thing up my pussy? Hey you can suck your teeth and roll your eyes all you want however if you were feeling how I am feeling you would want it too.


Anyway Ms. Five Dolla Suckie, Suckie must have read my mind because next thing I know my pussy lips is being spread open by her warm fingers and then whatever that thing is slide right in like it belongs there. It goes on for eternity deeper into my walls. You heard of never ending gobbstoppers well this is the never ending vibrator.


She maneuvers that thing perfectly inside of my slippery walls. In and out, in and out. The sound of my pussy making smacking noises becomes the room’s music. I don’t make a sound even though I want to. This is a guilty pleasure. And did this make me a lesbian? No disrespect to all of the lesbians but I have too much of a dick fetish to do that switch. There is nothing I can do with two pussies.


My knuckles are stark white from me gripping the table so hard. The movements stop but the vibrator is still in me. Seconds later I feel her hands again. They are very slippery with something; it feels like baby oil but no sooner after it hit my skin do I feel a heat sensation. My body warms up and I feel cozy.


Even with all of this hotness I still want her to work that vibrator again. My pussy is begging for it. I could feel this sensation in the pit of my stomach as an orgasm starts to build. My pussy walls screws the rest of my body’s lack of participation and does her own thing. All of my pride goes out the door as I grind my thick thighs. The vibrator starts to slide out but my pussy grips it like it is her lifeline. With her magical hands and my thirsty pussy I am able to give myself an earth shattering orgasm. It went up my back making my body stiff as a board but jerking at the same time, you know how you have an orgasm so good you can’t control yourself anymore? I mean my toes is rolling up into two California sushi rolls!


I don’t even get a chance to catch my breath before another orgasm rips through my ass causing my ass to quake and rumble. Every spot the woman touch is ten times more sensitive than normal. Colorful fireworks goes off in front of my eyes – no joke. The weight of the world is taken off my shoulders. It takes me a minute to realize the loud screeching I hear is coming from my big ass mouth. The Asian woman did not miss a beat she keeps on thrusting that thing deeper and deeper into me.I could not longer make comprehensible sentences. Spurts of words flew out like I was speaking in tongues. I clutch my ass cheeks along with my thighs. I want to bottle this feeling inside of me for as long as I can. My throat is drying and my voice is cracking from all of my screams. It stays in me until every last explosion subsides.


Let me be honest with you, I don’t remember too much of anything after that. I fell asleep, I don’t even remember if she took out the vibrator or not. Yeah I was that exhausted!

Designer vibrators in an erotic shop for women

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