A Twist To Writers Communities

Ever since author Terri McMillan said she was not too fond of writer online communities I’ve been kind of leery to join any. See I don’t wanna get so wrapped up in online communities that I stay stagnant and don’t try to get my work published. Their opinions should not be the ONLY opinion I look for validation. I mean if you think about it they are trying to get it just like me. Whose to say they won’t try and sabotage my plans to become a successful writer? Sounds like I’m a lil paranoid uh? Oh well it does happen.

However I am coming to the realization that in order for my numbers in the amount of fans I have increase I have to network and get my work out there. Publishers want to know that you have a decent fanbase and are active in getting your product out there; if not they don’t want to mess with you too tough. So I’m on a mission to find a decent spot to give my work a home to. I’ve come across a new site called Book Country. I haven’t stamped my approval on it yet (still marinating on the concept) but it has peaked my interest.

It is created by Penguin Press. It’s mission is to assist authors form rough draft to finished product while allowing writers to network with editors and agents. Currently over 4,000 members are taking part in this writing community. In order to share your work tho you have to do at least 3 peer reviews. I scratch your back and you scratch mine right? It does seem worth looking into and you never know who will get a hold of your masterpiece. BookCountry.com

Peace and luv!

Humbolt Penguin at Whipsnade Zoo.

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