WTF?! Jailed For a Facebook Post?

I’m beginning to think the po-po  have way too much time on their hands. Do most of them sit on their asses and hit the reset button on their Facebook page? Sitting in anticipation for something remotely criminal while stuffing their mouths with donuts?

Apparently so.

20 year old Jabbar Savalan was arrested for calling a protest on Facebook (I don’t know for what, the story doesn’t give details of that). He is an Azerbaijani student activist who was upon being slapped with the handcuffs never was read his rights nor did they search him right away. When they eventually got around to doing a search some weed popped up out of nowhere. Figures. I guess they knew if they didn’t find something to pin on this boy quick they would get hit with a serious lawsuit.

This situation as unfortunate as it is for Mr. Jabbar comes at a time when you can actually do something to possibly get this young activist his freedom. December 3rd thru the 11th Write for Rights will take place and it’s basically a marathon for people from all walks of life to write letters of solidarity to free prisoners who are wrongfully sentenced around the world. Right now would be a great time to be heard and fight for inequality and injustice. Too bad we couldn’t get Troy Davis free. I’m still trippin’ off that. His face will forever be engraved in my mind. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for everything…just sayin.

Peace and luv!

Here’s the link to dislike what is being done to Jabbar S.

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Image via CrunchBase


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