School Libraries Need Your Help

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I had no idea this was going on. I mean I knew funding for schools were depleting faster than you can say ‘supercalafragilestandhpalladoesius’ but damn the government really is doing too much. I would hate being a child in this generation.

Seanean Shanahan, a librarian from California, has started a petition in hopes to stop President Barack Obama from taking money away from school libraries. Now if he wasn’t so focused on handling the obesity issue with our students maybe this would not be going down. Just sayin’! I don’t have to agree with everything this President puts out there solely on the fact that he is black too. I’m too old for that. I don’t want my kids’ library to be taken away.

In order to be noticed within the created petition has to reach 150 signatures within 30 days in order to be recognized by the government. After that 25,000 signatures have to be collected within 30 days for action to be taken. So far over 9,000 signatures have been collected however the last day to put your signature on it is November 27th.

According to the petition Seanean has created, “Any school receiving Federal funds should be required to have a credentialed School Librarian on staff full-time with a library that contains a minimum of 18 books per student.”

Follow this link

and create an account so you can sign the petition to help out these libraries.

Peace and luv!


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