No Shame In My Sex Game!

I’ve been enjoying writing erotica lately, call me freaky I don’t know, however I remember when I first took a jab at it and how embarrassed I was because I would get turned on by my own ish. It took me forever to realize that was a good thing. If you don’t get turned on how in the hell will your readers get turned on? And plus I’m a grown ass woman who does grown woman thangs. I can say I’m comfortable with my sexuality and that confidence spills out through the ink in my pens. To take it one step farther I push buttons when it comes to my erotica. Hey I’m no Zane, the queen of erotica, but I know how to make my characters fuck with no limitations. That’s the whole point of fiction right? I want my readers to read my ish with their boo butt naked next to them or their dildos and vibrators ready on deck!

Do I get turned on? Hell yeah! Repeated cold showers and cigarette smoking are readily available for my ass! Erotica writers, do you feel it is a requirement for you to be turned on while writing your freaky scenes?

Peace and luv!

Naked woman scuplture

Image by NomadicEntrepreneur via Flickr


3 thoughts on “No Shame In My Sex Game!

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    Yeah, when I’m writing it, it’s with a tent in my pants… really a cool feeling, too, because like you said, if it doesn’t turn you on, it won’t turn the reader on!

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