YouTube Book Trailer Category?

This should have been created a long time ago. And again this is one of those ‘damn why didn’t I think of that’ moments. But of course I didn’t think of it.

YouTube has been such a tremendous outlet for fly by night artists but what about authors? I’ve created book trailers and unfortunately my black ass has not been discovered yet. I know if my name was Stephen King, Sister Souljah or K’Wan I would get thousands of hits before my keys on the computer cook off. For unsigned writers it will be kind of hard to get recognized. You would have to dig deep down into your big toe to create something that no one else has thought of. Then you can’t just sit and expect everyone and their mama to flock to your account; you do have to put in work, network and do backflips in order to get results. I

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t would be nice if Google would make a category specifically for book trailers. As of now all literary trailers are listed under ‘entertainment’. Entertaining as my ish is I still need to be more easily accessbible.

Fiction Circus has the same view and is attempting to get the attention from YouTube. They are an organization based out of Brooklyn and Queens with a goal to push YouTube to make a lterature category. I don’t think that’s asking too much do you?

Peace and luv!


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