Black Hollywood

Is there such a thing as ‘Black Hollywood’? If not should there be?

*Just a side note. It’s funny how as I am writing this ABC News is doing a piece about actor Alec Baldwin being loud as hell and disrespectful on an American airline flight delaying take off and just being ignorant. Typical, that fool always acting crazy and yet he still gets work. Anywho…

…..what does that have to do with Black Hollywood? Recently Chris Rock sat down with Alec Baldwin for his show and answered a couple of questions. What caught my eye was Chris Rock saying this:

‘99% of the time when you hand somebody a script they pick a person in the movie that they identify with…When you hand somebody a black script they don’t relate to anybody in it.’source:, 2011

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I kind of agree with him as far as that script situation goes. If you peep out the tv shows and movies prodominantly black casted what do you see? What is the common denominator? In my opinion it’s stereotypical of how blacks act. It’s cool for sometimes to have a funny stereotype but to make it the whole concept of the show it’s a guarantee that the show will not pop off for a long time.

Please don’t get it twisted, I’m not hinting that we need to sell out what I am saying is that we need to step out of our comfortable zone box and challenge ourselves. Not all black people lived in the hood, sold drugs, was in a gang, carries guns in their purses or cannot speak anything other than ebonics.

Unfortunately it’s a hell of a lot harder to pitch an ‘urban’ movie, tv show or a novel for that matter. By now we should be elevated to a higher level. But with that being said should we have a ‘secret society’ type club just for Black actors/actresses? Would that be too offensive to the black actors already in the game? I would love to hear your opinions.

Peace & luv!


2 thoughts on “Black Hollywood

  1. pinkeleeclad says:

    I agree with you. As an aspiring actress of African decent I don’t wish to have my career so confined. I want to be able to portray roles that challenge the modern day stereotypes that surround the African American culture. I want to be able to play a mentally insane women, an extremely happy women, a well off/ well to do women. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want to portray characters that even my own community would have a hard time wrapping their head around. I feel that the problem with films today that are predominately “black” is that we are constantly force fed characters and plots that are very comfortable for us and non-black people to comprehend and accept. In the case of the Madea characters, they are very one dimensional – either evil or good, like Disney characters. And in many ways the black community sort of prides itself on that. As black people we seems to take pride in the fact that we are not a complicated as white people (and characters are). For instance, is seems to be a popular idea that all white people are simply wasting time when it comes to disciplining their children with talks and time outs, when all they really need to do is beat them, simple. No, or at least, that’s not always the case. Let me get back to the point. I feel that audiences (both black and non-black) need to be taken out of their comfort zones with regards to black characters and film plots. There needs to be exploration of the range of black people’s emotions, complexities, issues, etc. I am sort of dragging on but all in all, I feel that the issue with “black” Hollywood is the fact that there is one. And so, some how there needs to be a shift is thinking, one that allows and yearns for a more complex depiction of black people and cultures everywhere. lol well yeah.

    • You touched on something that made me think of a way for ‘Hollywood’ to produce more ‘black’ film/tv shows. You stated, ‘As black people we seem to take pride in the fact that we are not a complicated as white people’. I feel yes it starts with our community to show that we are like other races, we have the same concerns, etc. But I think that we have been black sheeped for so long that we have accepted the ‘labels’ they have put on us. We need to retrain our thoughts and keep pushing forward to be recognized for all of our talents. Blacks are not always unintelligent, angry, jobless so why should we always portray that image on tv and movies in order to be considered a blockbuster hit?

      Thank you for your comment I hope you enjoyed the post and come back and read some more.

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