Young, Black and Making Moves

Turn on your tv or sign in on your Twitter account and all the other social media outlets and slowly you come to the realization that the future is looking mighty bleak for our young black brothas and sistahs. Despite what that asshole Newt Gingrich says blacks are more than drug dealers and lazy unmotivated heathens! Just sayin! wants to celebrate the leaders of today and tomorrow. Are there any leaders in your community? The Root wants to know. In 2012 they will unveil their Young Futurists List.

What qualifies a young black trailblazer for this list?

They need to be between the ages of 16-21. They have to exude a philanthropic spirit. Thinkers in green innovation, science & technology, arts and culture, social activism and business enterprise are what they want candidates to be interested in.

I know you know of someone who is making an impact in the black community, it’s really not that hard. I do have faith in my people. Nominate that person/s by emailing youngfuturists@theroot.combut hurry because nominations

Europe District hosts Advancing Minorities' In...

Image by USACE Europe District via Flickr

closes on Dec 19th. They will announce in February 2012 the lists. Click for full details!

Peace and luv!


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