Pitch Slam 2012

I’ve said it numerous times throughout my blog and I will repeat it again for my new readers – it is a must you have a bomb pitch ready at a drop of a dime. What if an agent is stuck in the elevator with you? I just created a post on how to create that perfect pitch so check that out but for this post I wanna give you a heads up on an upcoming event I think you wanna attend.

January 20-22nd, 2012 the Writer’s Digest Conference will go down in New York. One element of the conference is the Pitch Slam. This is where agents will meet with potential clients and network. Hopefully you will get an opportunity to land a lasting careership and book deal!

Some writers literally have a panic attack when mentioning pitches so what better way to get over it than to attend a conference where there are like minded people. You won’t feel so jittery or shy. So far over 60 agents are on board with the pitch slam. Check those agents out here.

Do make plans to attend this conference in Jan 20-22nd at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers on 811 7th Ave.

Peace and luv!

Venture Pitch Slam

Image by leobard via Flickr


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