Writer’s Block Is A Bitch, Just Make Sure That Bitch Is Beautiful


Image by holisticgeek via Flickr

Everybody has a moment of writer’s block, don’t trip when it happens. Don’t pull out your hair or spaze out on everybody in the house. Ok it’s not that deep really I just like to talk ish. You should already know that if you’ve read previous posts. I felt the need to rekindle the subject of writer’s block after my eyes breezed over an article yesterday. It gave some pretty cool ideas on how to keep your juices flowing. I thought I’d give my suggestions on how I get thru my writer’s block. Do what you want with them or add them to your solutions you already use; there’s nothing wrong with tweaking things a bit that’s called upgrading.

1. Meditate. Before you roll your eyes and suck your teeth bare with a bish for a sec. I’ve meditated before. I should be meditating daily actually like Russell Simmons. Maybe that will be my New Years resolution for 2012. I hear you, “Talia how the hell does meditating help with writers block?” People today are over worked and are stretched to their limits. No one knows how to live in the moment or relax anymore. Meditation tho hard at first, will rid your mind of everything so you can hear yourself and your Higher self. There’s a great idea in that brain of yours, you just have to tap into it.

2. Read another book. This is mostly what I do. The majority of book ideas stem from one word being said to me thru conversation or reading. The story may not have anything to do with where the word came from but that doesn’t matter long as some hot ish is birthed. Try is something may trigger someone for your troubled scene you’re stuck on.

3. Watch tv. This kind of go with #2 however this can be taken to a whole new level. Take an idea from a storyline but tweak it to make it your own. ‘Reality’ tv will give you all kinds of ideas for scenes, plots and characters.

4. Gossip. I have some drama magnets for friends. Everyone does – fam too. Use some q-tips to clean those ears and pay close attention to their whacked out grimy life. I give you permission to eavesdrop and gossip to conjure up ideas for that scene you’re stuck on but be careful, don’t match it to a ‘t’ then expect your friend or fam to be cool. Unless they say otherwise you better change names!

5. Who can’t you stand? I mean who, every time you see them you wanna smash their head against the concrete? (Too much? Eh, shrugs) Maybe that scene needs a character that will shake up the story. So take the person you despise and the physical attributes of your best friend and create a character. See what naughty shit that person will get into. I luv being a writer because whatever I would really like to do to people in reality I can have my characters do in my stories.

Peace and luv!


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