Yes There’s An App For That!

Technology still til this day amazes me. I am glad that the technology boom exploded while I was still young enough to know and experience it successfully; unlike my mama who still cannot figure out how to text or has no desire to get a debit card. Being a writer in this day and age is perfect because there are so many ways to get a solid platform whether you’re self publishing or going the traditional route.

One of the innovative ways to remain relevant and giving your stans an opportunity to get closer to you and your work is creating an app for your book/brand. I don’t know the exact number but I am sure it’s up there for how many apps are out there. Similar to blogs everybody and their mama has one however how do you stand out with your app?

First Google all authors who have apps. Study, not copy, what they do, how their fans respond, how often is info updated, is it reader friendly and does it make you wanna sit and chill in it for a minute? Pay close attention to their customers.

Don’t think because it’s created your work is done. Oh no like when your novel debut you couldn’t just sit back and wait for the bread to come rolling in you have to put in work to get sales. Same with book apps.

Be realistic. What I mean by that is set achievable goals but don’t expect to be popular or rich overnight, that’s too easy. Acknowledge you will have down falls like any entrepreneur does. Do not beat yourself up over a lacking quarter, etc; just fall back, excess the situation and come harder next go round. (DO NOT make executive decisions from emotions – always fail!) One more area you need to be realistic in is pricing. How much should you charge? Have a detailed plan and consider how much you’ve dished out to produce the app and figure out a way to get that back as well as still be affordable for your customers.

Customers are your friends. They may not always be right but they are your bread and butter. No customers and you are just another wanna be entrepreneur blowing hot air. (Hey, truth hurts!)

Have one ear to the streets while keeping your app innovative, user friendly and personable. Keep them in the loop with any changes you are about to make unlike B&N did when they took over Borders’ online store then caught

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

a serious case of amnesia and not letting the Borders’ customers know about the takeover. Give them an opportunity to ask questions, review your novels as well as make suggestions.

Hmmm….did I miss anything? Oh most importantly do like real estate agents, instead of ‘location’ say promote, promote, promote!

Peace and luv!


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