Traditional Publishers Relevant? Hmmm……

Author J.A. Konrath stated in an email recently that, “Publishers should stop trying to convince themselves and others that they’re relevant and start actually being relevant. Here’s how: 1. offer much better royalties for authors, 2. release titles faster.

Do you agree?

I do a little and here’s why. Besides the increase in royalties and quicker releases the big dawgs or the Big Six publishing houses need to stop focusing so much on celebrities and getting their ish printed. It’s like they are the ‘cool kids’ in high school that only allow the jocks to sit with them. I think their credibility is tarnished now. They damn sure don’t wanna mess with undiscovered talent and if they do schedule the newbie still has to market, book interviews, and signings, etc. while they sit back collecting their cut even tho they did nothing! What’s the point? No one can be as enthusiastic in your masterpiece like you can. I think they need to get their thumb out of their asses and stop thinking they are invincible and Almighty and regroup. Just because you are a huge conglomerate doesn’t mean you have to run it like it. Pay close attention to your clients. Be personable and build a solid relationship. Take the rookies under your wings and help them grow and build their brand as well as yours. Yes they need to know how to market and stuff because of competition but that was your job at first anyway. Don’t look at us just as a paycheck. That’s a great recipe for burning bridges.

So the answer to my own question, is yes and no. They are relevant and will be as long as their are celebrities but that will get old and even celebrities may eventually get on board with the self publishing game. All I can say is Big Six, step your game up.

Peace and luv!

A printing press in Kabul, Afghanistan

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