Black or White?

When it comes to finding an agent to represent your writing does it matter if he/she is black or white? Some writers may feel that race is important so they can relate. That is one of the qualifications for making a decision on which agent, editor, or publisher you wanna rock with, how well you relate. You wouldn’t send your thriller novel to an agent that only represents comedy.

So should it matter?

A few years ago when I was searching for an agent I was adamant on hiring a

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black agent, publisher, editor, designer, etc. Then reality hit and I realized that may not be possible. African Americans working in the publishing business is rising however wishing all of your business partners will be the same race is like finding a four leaf clover.

Here’s the thing you can support your own all day, every day but as with every race there are snakes hiding in tall ass grass. Don’t get so wrapped up in supporting your own that you get played. If you cannot find someone within your race don’t feel bad because you went with another race. It’s not like you snitched or anything. Write your expectations down before you hook up with agents, etc. I wanna hear from the writers with agents. Did you let race be the deciding factor or did you bypass that?

Peace and luv!


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