WTF? Really?!

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Do you see shit or hear shit and the only response to it is WTF? Well I had that moment when I heard about this.

It really has nothing to do with writing but I have to speak on it for like 2 seconds. American Airlines is rumored to incorporate iPads in the cockpit.


I needed that lil pause to make sure I understood my damn self. Isn’t this the same airlines that was having problems with their pilots sleeping while operating heavy ass machinery known as a plane? And if not shouldn’t they have learned something from that situation? What could they possibly need on an iPad that will help in the cockpit? This is just creating more reasons for them to be distracted!

They said they will put them in Boeing 777 (now that’s God’s favorite number and I know He did not endorse this) and work from there. SMDH. Remind me not to hop on any of American Airlines planes.

Peace and luv!


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