Building Your Own Brand for 2012

I’ve slacked this year! Compared to what I wanted to achieve for 2011 I haven’t did a damn thang. I was all over the place writing everyday but not producing anything out of those intense writing sessions so for 2012 I’ve decided to go back to my basics and stick to one project at a time and don’t start another one until I’ve seen the current project done ya feel me? I have been really thinking about what I am trying to accomplish with the brand I am attempting to create and what I need to do to get from point A to point B.

How the hell do you make a successful brand anyway?

Shit I don’t know but I will find out if it kills me. Ain’t that what 50 Cent said? Oh…that was ‘get rich or die trying’ tomato, toe-mah-to! I am more in-tuned to what I

2012 (film)

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put on my social networks. I changed my cover pic on FB which I am glad FB redid the format so it looks more like a personal website. My cover to me is bananas! It reflects what I love, what I am about. People’s attention span is short as hell so first impressions are important. I need people to know what I’m about right off the jump. I may not have the blueprint to creating that monster brand yet but I do know that you need to be more aware of what you put out there. When someone sees your name what will they think? Will you put your stamp on your shit if you were a person looking in? If you pause to think of your answer well that is your answer.

Writer’s envy

Lately I’ve been kind of jealous of other writers I’ve been seeing. I see them networking and getting a better response than what I am getting and I’m wondering what the hell am I doing wrong? I’m not jealous to the point where I am hateful but it do get under my skin a tad bit – enough to notice. Instead of sitting in a corner with my screwface on I’m using my little jealous spat as motivation. They had to start somewhere too, right?

I do know that you get what you put out and I realize that I am my worst critic. I need to blaze that fire under my ass and get this shit crackin’. You will see Talia aka Mz. Diamondz in 2012 (God willing of course! You hear that Big Guy, lol)

Peace and luv!


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