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I have been wrecking my brain this past few weeks over what I need to do to get taken seriously as a writer. Don’t perk your ears up I haven’t figured out exactly how yet so put the pen and paper down. I have had some revelations tho:

  1. I haven’t challenged myself this year. I didn’t pull myself out of my comfort zone at all; that’s when great shit come about but I took the safe route.
  2. I didn’t give 110% on my projects that I did attempt to tackle. When before I would not do another project until the one I was working on was done. I need to get back to that.
  3. All I’m doing is freestylin this writing journey. (How’s that working for you Talia? Obviously not well!)
  4. I swear I have undiagnosed ADHD because I haven’t been consistent when it came to networking with my connects.

Now that I’ve admitted my faults for the year it’s time I upgrade myself. See every once in awhile you have to sit back and re-evaluate your shit; see what you originally wanted to achieve, get that hustla’s mentality back so you can make moves. Writers have always said make sure you make a plan and obviously they don’t say that for their health, why you think their books sitting up on the front racks of stores and staying on all of the bestsellers lists? Take that lil bit of information and do something constructive with it. After that you can do process of elimination. What is attainable and what is just plain outlandish? You will know which is outlandish because it will scream out ‘you have lost your damn mind if you think you gone accomplish this’. After narrowing it down put how you are going to get that goal done; and I mean every detail. You may think this is time consuming or you probably thinking how I use to think, ‘it’s all up in my head, I don’t need to write it down’. Eeeeehhhhhhh, wrong response, you will end up running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Simple things can do it.

  1. Create videos. If you have a blog or website incorporating videos can really accentuate your site. It will show your readers who is behind the great blog/website. They can relate to your posts/products more.
  2. Photos. If offering products put pictures of them so they can physically see what they will purchase.
  3. Give product updates and info. Always let your customer know what’s poppin’. Keep an email contact list so this info can go to them instead of them searching for it.
  4. Daily tips. Having a niche site or product makes you an expert. Simple daily tips will make customers come back to your site/blog and bring friends with them.
  5. Have daily posts. Stay consistent and update daily so your readers will not forget you and you become irrelevant.
  6. Pre-plan Tweets. Yes choose wisely when it comes to your tweets. There are a few programs that will let you store tweets and create a time when they can be published – use them!
  7. Have back up posts. Shit happens so on those days you have no energy to write or something happened and you can’t focus on writing a post always have back up posts that you can simply copy and paste.

Don’t try a bunch of new techniques at the same time because you will get overwhelmed. Make it your own fun personal creative time. If you’re not having fun taste testing different options then you shouldn’t be in doing it.

Writers what creative techniques have you used to take your writing to the next level? I’m always in need of advice.

Peace and luv from a frustrated and desperate writer!


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