No Seriously I Am A Writer

Ooooh nothing is more worse than someone laughing or looking at me crazy when I tell them I am a writer. What is wrong with that? Ok I am not a conventional person nor do I do conventional things so why knock down my hustle when you are sitting around at a job that you can’t stand? I’m loving what I do so stay out my lane before you get a ticket for driving under the influence of hatin’.

This is what I love and I will be damned if I let you minimize what I am trying to build over here. Supporting someone to me is a hell of a lot better than bringing them down. You’re blocking your own blessings.

Hustle Hard

Image via Wikipedia

I bet your friend is reading my shit right now saying ‘damn this bitch good!’ So I will give you your New Year’s resolution early – stop hatin and take me Talia, aka Mz Diamondz seriously and cop 10 copies of my novel ‘Sexhibition’ coming early 2012!

Peace & luv!


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