Add Spice to Your Book Trailer

Christmas is officially over. It’s almost time for those credit card statements to come rolling in. There’s always a surge of heartattacks around this time of the year -I wonder why? Now w

New Bad Robot Productions logo seen in the Sup...

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hen something that is free comes along people jump on it. This right here is one of those free things.

Have you ever wanted to create blockbuster videos for your book? Well Bad Robot has come up with a couple of apps that will allow you to make that rockstar trailer. It’s Action Movie FX and for a limited time this is a free to download straight to your iPhone 4S, iPodTouch, iPad 2 Wi-Fi and the iPad 2 wi-fi + 3G. Action Movie FX is equipped with explosives and car crashes. Some of its features are:

  • Sound design created by Skywalker Sound
  • fast, automated video tracking
  • music & sound FX, lens flares and,
  • the ability to post on FB

2 other bundles offered are:

  • Chopper Down and Tornado Action and,
  • Airstrike & Fire Fight Attack

Let me know if you’ve used this app; I would love to see it and post it to my blog.

Peace and luv!


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