On To The Next One

Jay had it right when he came out with that song. I’ve just finished the first draft to my erotic tale ‘Sexhibition’. I am disappointed that I’m a month behind when I originally wanted to be done with the first draft but I can’t dwell on it. Instead I move onto the next one which my next project will be a drama titled Dear Daddy.

It will be a story about a young girl who loses her daddy and decides to write a letter to him everyday. You, the reader will fall to pieces once you hear what this little girl goes thru in childhood to a young woman and all in letter form. Raw anger, sadness, loneliness will have you mourn for this girl as she navigates thru life without her father.

Before you start rolling those eyes, men, let me say this is not a male bashing novel. You will have to read the whole story. My audience I’m targeting is the generation right under me who are having babies way before their minds are mature enough to handle a relationship and parenthood. I’ve fallen victim to it where I never considered that my actions, decisions and/or words could alter my children’s’ future and mentality and not for the good. That selfish mentality will haunt this child’s mother until she can’t take it anymore however the damage is already done.

With that being said I’m out, I have to write now that my kids are asleep.

Peace and luv!

Dear Daddy

Image by sflovestory via Flickr


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