Not Passionate Enough

Author Lucia Etxebarri has recently went on record to say she will no longer write novels.


She’s tired of her work getting downloaded illegally which in turn fucks up her money. Ok now listen, I get it, people love to download music, movies, books, etc (I’ve done it but don’t call the illegal po-po on me I will find you). It’s unfortunate yes however there is no way in hell will I ever quit writing. God would have to tell me to walk away from it for me to stop and even then I probably would laugh at Him. Literally this is in my DNA. So for this chick to say ‘I’m done writing because of a few illegal downloads’ is dumb as hell. You’re not a real writer if it’s that simple to get you to walk away from it. I think that she was having a temper tantrum moment and she needed some attention so she threw a hissy fit about not writing anymore. Give her a few days and she should be fine. And if not I will be more than happy to take her spot in the writing world.

Peace & luv!



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