Motivation 101

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but growing up as a black aspiring writer there were no avenues where I could look up to other black writers. School was not really supportive of ‘us’ wanting to pursue a career in writing. I love when I hear programs assisting YA authors to pursue their dreams I feel only obligated to tell you about it.

A writing community that goes by the name Figment was created with the YA writer and reader in mind. Figment knows that writer’s block happen and that sometimes we need a little push to write on a regular basis. To help with disciplining ourselves they have created writing prompts. The various prompts will be about creating characters, setting, dialogue, personal essays, verses and more. This free (yes I said free) email service has already started and will end March 30th. This is great since teens are known for having way too much time on their hands and distancing themselves

English: The Figment Logo

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from reading anything other than text messages. Take advantage, if anything it will help with reading and writing scores in school. Go check them out.

Peace and luv!


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