Kickstarter Publishing Project of The Week

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Need a project funded? Have a manuscript collecting dust in a corner somewhere? A script that you passionately need to be put on film? Have you heard of Kickstarter? I ran into this about a year ago and thought it was a perfect way for anybody to help fund someone’s project/s. It is not limited to just writers, innovators of all areas can be funded. How it works is you create sort of like a business plan on the project that you are trying to make into a reality. Once you get the plan together and add up all of the numbers needed to really fund this project (do NOT get ridiculous, this is a legit site and using it in any other way other than to get a honest project out to the public will not only tarnish your name but the Kickstarter website) set a time frame. Make sure it’s an attainable time frame; I’ll tell you why it’s so important. Say for instance you create a project you wanna raise money for, the amount is $5,000 and you put down that you want to raise that money in 30 days. If that 30 days come around and you only have $4,999 guess what? You don’t get the funds and the money goes back to the sponsors that gave it to you. Now you have to start all over again and hope that the sponsors come back to help you raise the money. That’s why before you even hit ‘go’ you need to have a detailed marketing plan so you know what to do, when to do it and what to do after you realize that what you did was not good enough before that time runs out.

Now Kickstarter wants to push it up a notch. Each week they have decided to highlight a special project. This will give great PR to whomever they choose to support for that week. Are there any tips on how to be one of Kickstarter’s Publishing Project? Of course:

  1. Give potential sponsors a simple but clear visualization of the project.
  2. Take advantage of free online tools to create your video (Aviary Music Creation, SoundCloud and Prelinger Archives are a few examples)
  3. Give rewards to the people/businesses that has contributed if the contract goes thru (free book, t-shirt, you get the idea)
  4. Choose amount carefully
  5. Use all of your social media networks to get it out there!

Remember closed mouths don’t get fed. Check out Kickstarter’s website for full details.

Peace and luv!


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