McDonalds Is All About The Kids

McDonalds Happy Meal

Image via Wikipedia

So word is over in the UK the McDonald’s franchise has come up with an idea to help literacy. Instead of toys in every happy meal McDonald’s will put a book in their happy meals. The book being used first is called Mudpuddle Farm and the goal is to distribute 9 million copies.

Media Bistro, where I first heard about this, asked its readers if they would allow a fast food restaurant promote your book? Hey if it works then hell yeah I would but make sure the book relates to the chain. Now I would look like a damn fool if my erotic novel Sexhibition would pop up in young kids’ happy meals. Yeah that would be 9 levels of foolery on top of a serious lawsuit when all I have is a laptop that barely works and a old as tv.

I think that it’s a good idea. It teaches kids to enjoy reading and it helps with their reading skills so it’s a win-win. Lets see how long it takes for that to come over to the States.

Would you allow your book to be sold at a fast food joint? Starbucks have already tried this idea. Leave your comment.

Peace and luv!


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