Getting On That Get Right With Your Writing

I came across an article a few days ago and thought it was a sign that God has let me see since the last several days have been a challenge for me. I have been in reflection mode for a few weeks and it’s not the good reflection either; when you are marinating on shit you should have fix, etc you tend to wallow in it and start feeling sorry for yourself then you become unproductive. Well I became unproductive. For people like me who have those moments where you lost your motivation and discipline and seriously need to find that path again here are some tips from Arielle Ford however I remixed the meanings slightly:

  1. Schedule ‘me’ mornings. Ha! I laughed at this one. If this chick only knew about my mornings! Honestly I should be writing at this time however my mind is more creative at night so I will change it to ‘schedule me nights’. There that sounds better. Write when your creative juices are boiling.
  2. List it out. I literally just started to use my phone to put what I want to accomplish each day – seriously I made my first list yesterday. I don’t know why I didn’t sooner considering I use it for everything else. He is my perfect boyfriend. Perfect because he doesn’t say shit back! Sometimes when we think about the big goal we become overwhelmed possibly to the point of paralysis caused by fear. I suffer from that badly. So every morning or even before you go to bed make a small but detailed list of what needs to be accomplished that day; it will be rewarding when you start checking off those daily tasks and before you know it you are back to a writing ritual.
  3. Forgo ‘timewasters’. (? I know, stumped me too lol) Arielle Ford says to do the most important goals/tasks first then work yourself down until it is all done. I swear I sit down in the evenings and say ‘damn, I’ve been working all day but accomplished nothing I was supposed to do!’ This step takes mad discipline skills. Timewasters can take you away from your writing. Always ask if this will lead you to finishing that novel; if you hesitate when answering that question then it’s a timewaster and you need to let it go.
  4. Seize each moment. I’m guilty of this and I know I’m not the only one but before I lay down I go over my day and I always complain about the lack of time I have to write. Another author friend of Arielle’s says instead of focusing on the many hours she didn’t have to sit down and write she just soaks up any time given to her. I have a notepad in my purse. At any given day you might see me standing at a bus stop writing in it like I’m seated at my table in the kitchen – no lie. Take every second even if it’s while on the toilet!
  5. Learn the all important 2 letter word. Well Ms. Talia what word is that? I personally do not have a problem dishing this word out when need be but a lot of people do. NO. Mama’s always wanna do everything for everybody and wearing ourselves out, well I’m here to tell you to stop it! You need to write. You are supposed to have this draft done and in your editor’s hand in such and such time so those 100 cupcakes the church lady just asked you to make with that ever so Christian smile on her face well look her right back in those eyes and give her the same eerily scary smile and say ‘NO’ – period, point blank. You will not go to hell, she doesn’t have connects like that and she will be alright; politely direct her to the nearest Kroger’s or Wal-Mart. It will sting at first when you dish it out but it will be all worth it after that manuscript is official and the finished product is in all of the major bookstores.

I hope my remixed version of Arielle’s post helps you take baby steps toward getting fired back up about writing again. If you wanna check out her version click here


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Peace & luv!


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