Lil’ Wayne + Book = Bestseller?

Now yall know I love some Lil’ Wayne like everybody else and NEVER have I knocked a person’s hustle but really Wayne? You are one of the hardest working person in show business and I’ve rocked with you thru damn near all of your little, I guess you can call them phases (well not the damn skinny jean ish I just can’t….), however everybody cannot write a book. That would include you boo. Now I know how Spinderella felt a week ago when she went on a Twitter rant about celebrities hopping on the DJ scene and calling themselves supposedly ‘mixing and scratching’ on the ones and twos but have no passion to take the craft seriously; they just wanna do it because it’s the ‘flavor’ of the week.

What would Mr. Tuechi possibly write about? And when does he have time to write 16 bars let alone a whole book?

Calm down it’s not a fictional story it’s his memoir. The collection of diary entries he wrote while incarcerated will be made into the memoir and fittingly name Gone Till November. It will be published in November of this year by Grand Central Publishing which I found kind of suspicious considering his ‘daddy’ owns a publishing company now. I guess he wants to take some other big wig’s money instead.

Just to entertain myself I might read it but Wayne if you’re reading this I can be your ghost writer on the low if you need one since you are so busy and all. (Hey don’t judge me, I’m a hustla too!)

Peace & luv!

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