O.W.S. Poetry Anthology

I love poetry! I, being a writer, cannot write poetry unfortunately. Maybe I need my writer’s card provoked for this one. But I can admire some decent poetry. Occupy Wall Street has managed to compile and publish several poetry anthologies since the end of last year. As of now they are looking for more writers to add to their tenth project coming out soon and are in need of writers. Anyone from across the world can try and get their work in this book. I would check out their past works before you go sending emails.

If you get on Galley Cat’s site you can download for free some of their passed anthologies. Now if you haven’t heard today there will be online protests. Certain sites will be boycotting by shutting down their websites for today and replacing the main page with a page explaining how the government is trying to pass a law giving them the right to strip you and you and oh yeah you over there right to post certain things online. This can range from anything to some simple comment like ‘i wanna download young jeezy’s new album thru this illegal site’ to bigger things. It can be something totally off the chain and they will block you and possibly charge you some serious money for it. Doesn’t this scratch the first amendment rights? ‘They’ minds well put shackles on our ankles and have us in loin clothes singing, ‘nobody knows the trouble I see…’ To help ban this from happening sign the petition if you come across one. I always say if you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything!

But back to the anthology though, if you are interested in getting your writing in this project keep checking with either Media Bistro or the Occupy Wall Street website.

Peace and luv!

Poetry is an...


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