Improving That Writing of Yours


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If you haven’t figured it out this is a writing blog. Everything about writing will be found here. I’m still figuring out this thing called ‘writing career’ and when I find something new that helps me get closer to the finish line I will happily share them with you.

Coming across an article on Writer’s Digest it’s purpose was to give the reader solutions to improving their writing. It’s written by Leigh Jasheway. Now even tho I’m using her 10 suggestion titles I am going to put it in my own words. It may not be what she was trying to say in her article but I loved the titles she used.

10.  Hold reader’s attention with incongruity. Yeah I had to look that one up too. This is what I assumed she meant. Ok you’re reading a scene in a novel. All of a sudden the writer throws in a description that’s off and it has you like WTF? That’s what that mean. The writer has thrown a wrench all in the mix and the reader has no choice but to take notice of the storyline even more. But this takes serious practice.

9. Keep them on their toes. The majority of readers read right before they go to bed. Your job as a writer is to get them to not go to bed because they are gonna wanna know what happens next otherwise they will be tossing and turning at night. Everyone is different when it comes to when they put a climatic scene in the book. I personally put climatic scenes at the end of my chapters. The page break gives them just enough time to catch their breath before diving back into the murky water of words I’ve created.

8. Find an element worth repeating. To me this means if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Your style is your style. Once you get quite a few books under your belt your readers will expect that kind of style regardless of the genre you are writing in. If you’ve established some kind of quirkiness that they love, keep doing it. It’s like how Stephen King always seem to pop up in all of his movies. After awhile you expect it and like it.

7. Use familiarity to your advantage. Readers like to relate to some aspect of the novel they are reading. Yes even those conservative housewives can relate to a situation or character even if it’s a novel about a mistress murdering the wife of her lover. Something has to make the reader attach themselves to the book.

6. Satisfy with a callback. In  my upcoming erotic novel Sexhibition my main character Passion starts off with proclaiming she has a serious ‘dick fetish’ and the story ends with her proclaiming the same thing. Callbacks (a memorable line) are like a little secret only you and the reader have between each other. It makes the reader remember the beginning of the book and why they fell in love with the story.

5. Employ power of play. Say for instance you need to write a scene that is suppose to be funny. If your man/woman just broke up with you, the lights got cut off or you just got fired don’t go writing that funny scene cause you know good well you on one and at any moment you are going to snap. Be in the mood that matches the scene you are trying to write at that moment.

4. Stretch yourself short. This is self explanatory but I’ll put it in another way for you. Challenge yourself as a writer. I never get bored with writing and that’s because I challenge myself with shit I haven’t wrote on; it keeps me on my game.

3. Use power of 10. When looking for a car do you buy the first one you see? Hell no. So don’t always settle for that first title or even character for that matter. Make a list of 10 possibilities and see which best work for that project or character, etc. The ones that you don’t use for this project save for a future one.

2. Nothing is off limits! That goes for your characters too. I’ve created character that did so much grimy ish that I got mad at them. Stop laughing, I’m dead serious. Anything is possible that is why it is called writing fiction.

1. Expose yourself. There is nothing wrong with putting your soul into what you are creating. It becomes a problem when you put too much of yourself in it that your characters become watered down.

Alright, did that help? Do you want to add something? Go ahead and leave it below please and thank you.

Peace and luv!


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