Fuckstrated by Junnita Jackson (Book Review)

My new favorite word is ‘fuckstrated’ although I haven’t been fuckstrated in a minute but just in case it happens in the future I’ll have a word for it.

Ok back to the real purpose of this post – this erotic short story. I don’t want to give the whole story away obviously but there is the husband and wife (Victoria and Eric) with the wife being the one fuckstrated. She has a desire to get dicked down like a bitch from the streets by her husband who apparently lost his swag once he was married and reached a certain financial status, aka he’s bougie (it’s not just for the females).

What is a girl to do? Hmmm…..

How about go fuck his straight from the streets brother? Now if that’s not a crazy situation I don’ know what is. Will she get caught? Will she have a conscious and tell on herself? You will have to read in order to find out. Trust me you will want to because some shit really does go down that will have you saying WTF!

Now the technical side of the story. When I published my first ebook through Lulu.com I didn’t do a lot of things because I was a rookie, read all of the books my brain could take about publishing but I didn’t market the book; I expected my friends to cop a lot of copies but they didn’t. I did my own cover but looking at a lot of these ebook covers (especially to this book) I was trippin’ at thinking my shit was fly. And lastly and the most important I didn’t go to an editor and ask for help. There were a few typos early in the story, which is kind of a turnoff if there are plenty but the storyline was so juicy I couldn’t stop reading it. Maybe she caught her editor on a bad day I don’t know but it’s important if you can’t afford anything else at least get an editor.

Other than that, not a boring moment was in that great story. I do recommend you buy it and get ready for a decent story.

Peace and luv!


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