Ice-T Behind The Scenes

I bet you if someone would have told Ice T back when he was on some illegal shit that he would be playing the people he so hated several years down the line on tv he would have cussed you out. Now look at him, not only does he have a starring role playing a cop on Law & Order but he is married with a successful reality show along with a book under his belt. Directorcan now be added to that resume. Him and director Andy Baybutt have created a documentary called Some

Ice-Tthing From Nothing: The Art of Rap that made its debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival this past weekend.

The documentary is based on the process of making rap music. Artists like Nas, Chuck-D and legendary Run-DMC will be highlighted in the documentary. When being inteviewed the interviewer said,

“There is a fraction of the public that looks at the rap industry with disdain. Does Something From Nothing employ an agenda to change these perceptions or did you make this film purely because the ‘art of rap’ is an untold story?”

In typical Ice-T fashion he responds with a,

“People that have disdain for the music fuck ’em. I’m not out to try to make someone who dislikes something for no good reason like it. That’s not my agenda. My agenda is to make people who might appreciate it or are curious about it appreciate it.”

I love black people prospering. Hats off to him and I wish many more successful ventures for him. We need positive black men in the media, there’s not enough of them.

Peace & luv!


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