Black Writers on Tour 2012

Saturday April 21st the Black Writers on Tour will take place. It will be a one day event from 9 in the morning til 6 that evening. Their goal for this tour is to have authors as well as aspiring authors get exposure. They want parents and educators to walk away with materials to increase literacy in their communities. And they want to provide a  platform for publishers to help with their buying public and literary industry.

Their will be 10 seminars and workshops, a poetry jam along with a children’s writing contest.

Now there are free seminars and seminars that visitors will have to pay in order to participate in so check the website to get the full list so you can plan ahead. Here’s a few free workshops running that day:

  • Roundtable Discussions with Authors
  • Children’s Writing Class
  • Open Mic

As for the paid seminars there are three packages 1) $50 for one seminar, 2) $75 for two seminars and 3) $100 for all seminars.

  • How to Write A Bestselling Novel taught by Dr. Maxine Thompson
  • Protecting Your Rights, Trademarks and Patent Rights taught by Monica Guillemin Williams
  • What Literary Agents Are Looking For is the site for more info.

Peace and luv!


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