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With Martin Luther King Jr day passed and Black History Month approaching it’s time to reflect on our past in order to shape our future. I strongly believe this needs to be an ongoing thing not just a month and a day out of the year.

Black Bloggers Connect is hosting a writing contest now until Feb 20th. Writers can make an article about any subject associated with our Black history. If you have a mentor that is into bettering the black community write about them, do an interview. Do you know an activist passionate about black history, write about them or if you are an activist yourself or are making moves to improve your hood then do a story on yourself. One winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card and another lucky winner will get a Special Collectors Edition of Ebony Magazine featuring the handsome stars of the movie Red Tails.

To participate log onto the Black Bloggers Connect site, post the article as a blog entry titling it Black History Month Entry. After that read other posts from the Black Bloggers Connect family (including my other blog posts from previous months); you have to ‘like’ and comment on at least one in order to stay in the competition. But reading other articles may enlighten you on someone or some cause.

Log onto right now and submit away. Good luck!

Peace and luv!


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