Most Literate City?

Map of the territories of the Federal Home Loa...

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Bet you can’t guess the most literate city. Go ahead take a guess. Nope, that’s not it!

Before I let you know lets see how the powers that be decide who will be on the list. All of the newspaper circulations, number of bookstores, library resources, periodical publishing resources, educational attainment and internet resources come into play when deciding how to put the list together. Now what you wanna know:

10. Denver, CO

9.  San Francisco, CA

8.  St. Louis, MO

7.  Cincinnati, OH

6.  Pittsburgh, PA

5.  Boston, MA

4.  Atlanta, GA

3.  Minneapolis, MN

2.  Seattle, WA

Drum roll please…the winner of the most literate city goes to…..

1.  Washington, DC! (2nd year in a row)

Go ahead and start packing so you can live in the most literate city and actually feel smart, just kidding. Congrats to Washington, now we need to make all cities improve in the literacy department. One city at a time.

Peace and luv!


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