Walmart’s Future Competitor?

I’m starting to think I should get some kind of residual pay from Amazon as much as I talk about them on this blog. Who do I need to talk to in order to make that happen?

Anywho Amazon is always looking for ways to add on to their brand. They recently have gotten flack for ‘stealing’ bestselling authors away from the ‘Big Six’ by manipulating them into thinking their offer is better. So many have been upset about it especially Barnes & Noble who has gone so far as to discontinue selling physical books that were published by the Amazon imprint in their physical stores.

Hmmmmm, jealous much B&N?

Last time I checked it is a free country and isn’t that the purpose of having a business to branch out in other avenues eventually? What beef does B&N have with the publishing industry? Their purpose is to sell products both theirs and other manufacturers, do they have a publishing imprint that I don’t know about? As far as the bestselling authors that were supposedly ‘stolen’ they are grown! It’s their career and obviously something had to be bad enough where the bestselling authors packed up and disconnected their ties with the ‘Big Six’. So why you so mad B&N?

Amazon is giving their competition something else to make them have screwfaces. They are considering (‘considering’ being the key word) having a bricks-and-mortar store. Amazon sells everything from pieces of the sun to apartment complexes in hell, how will they have a regular store like Walmart without losing that signature 24-48 hour delivery promise tacked onto their website? I don’t know. Maybe the guarantee will just be for the online division. One article I read asked why have a physical store to sell digital items? Decent question however obviously they can’t sell everything from their site in the store but they can….

  1. zero in on the most popular bestselling items off of the site and keep them stocked in the physical store. I’m for sure their quarterly numbers will tell them this info and
  2. allow employees who will take customer service to another level to work in the store. That means they will be thorough in their knowledge of the products in the store AND on the website. That senior citizen who is not so savvy at manuevering thru the internet but wants to stay in touch with her family all over the world this would be good for them. Or maybe the senior citizen who is uncomfortable with giving their financial info online can visit this store. How about people like me who have to physically work an item, touch it before buying it; having a physical store makes that possible for me.

The same article I read on Media Bistro’s site said maybe it will be just a showroom where customers can come in, talk to an expert then order the product thru a computer in the store and would be delivered within the 24-48 promise that help make Amazon famous.

Americans has this mentality where they want things given fast with not much leg work to get it. Having a physical store with no product in it only waste the customer’s gas. It makes no sense to go to a store to purchase something on a computer when they


2010_01_08_amazon_1 (Photo credit: dsearls)

can do it at home. I guarantee Amazon will not keep the store open long if they incorporate that system.

Since it’s not up to me I would love to hear your view. What do you think? Should they at least test it? And do you think B&N is acting like spoiled brats? I mean since they are accusing Amazon of ‘stealing’ authors couldn’t Amazon say they learned their bad behavior from them? Remember when B&N took over Borders’ website and customers without telling them ahead of time……just sayin, truth sometimes hurt.

Peace and luv!


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