Competitions For Indie Released Books

How to Be Indie

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It’s hard out here for us writers. Freelancing, attending conferences, writing novels, maintaining blogs/websites and if you work outside the home AND have a family chile you are dying for extra hours in the day or some clones. It’s my job to relieve some of the stress of finding out conferences that are going down so here you go brought to you by your girl via CreateSpace some competitions for indie published books.

  • Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Entry deadline: Feb. 24th. This is for independent publishers/authors whose book is written in English with a 2011-12 copyright date.
  • IPPY Awards. Entry deadline: March 15th. This award is for books with the 2011-12 copyright or was released in 2011 or early 2012.
  • 20th Annual WD International Self-Publisher Book Awards. Entry deadline is April 20th. This award is celebrating professional writers, freelancers, self-starting students.
  • 2012 San Francisco Book Festival. Entry Deadline is April 25th.
  • 2012 Green Book Festival. Entry deadline is April 25th.
  • 2012 New York Book Festival. Entry deadline is May 25th. Entries can be English, Spanish, French or Italian – any genre accepted.
  • 2012 Hollywood Book Festival. Entry deadline June 25th. Any genre from publishers, self-published, independent, e-books, etc – all accepted.

Take advantage of competitions because that could launch your writing career. Good luck!

Peace and luv!


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