Invasion of Privacy or Improving Literacy?

Teachers 2: Back to School

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Should teachers’ ratings be accessible across the board in the U.S.?

Before I give you my opinion let me tell you what brought on this question. The NYC Education Department has gotten the go ahead to publish the ratings of several thousands of teachers in their school districts. The controversial report will show the progress of the students test wise. Teachers are at their wits end because they feel it’s inaccurate and only show one area of their teaching skills. The study was conducted over a four year span with teachers in the subjects of English and math with charter school teachers being exempt from the study. The city says it will give an objective look at the teacher’s performance so the ones that are not performing correctly will be fired. However teacher Ms. Marie Kallo said the report done on her claimed that she taught 120 students in the 2007-8 school year when in actuality she taught well over 200 students that year. Simple mistakes such as these are said to be throughout the report so how can people judge the teachers off of info that is not true? Well whatever the teachers feel will not stop the data report to be brought out to the public to view. So what do you think? Should these data reports be released to the general public not only in New York City but everywhere?

Here’s my opinion (‘opinion’ being the keyword here). There has been a massively large gap made between teachers and parents. No one is communicating with each other, students (even with all of the new technology) are learning below average and a lot of times parents are not aware of this until it’s too late. This predicament is not one group’s fault though, everybody is at fault for the downfall of the US school systems. And in order to get back on track we need to start calling things for what it is.

Instead of complaining about the report coming out use this as an opportunity to bridge the gap between teachers and parents. It should not be used as the beginning or end to the teacher’s career but it can be a guide to what may need to be improved not only by the teachers but administration, parents and guardians as well. If test scores are low figure out why. Is the student delinquent? Are they terrible test takers? What environment do they live in outside of school? Are their learning style being capitalized in the classroom? What are their diet like, do they eat healthy as well as get enough sleep?

Parents. Are you active in the child’s school? I know it’s hard with having to work in order to provide for the family but there are too many ways to get in contact with your child’s teacher. Both of my kids’ schools know me on a personal level because I keep in touch through emails, phone calls, and visits. I choose to do that. I’m far from perfect but I don’t want my children to fall in the cracks with a lot of other students.

So my message to the New York city teachers is get it together and make this about the students and not about you! What about you, do you feel this is pointless and is violating the teachers’ rights? Lets definitely start a conversation about this – for our children.

Peace and luv!


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