Top 15 Best Sellers in African American Literature on Amazon

  1. The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden

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  2. Unexpectted Interruptions by Trice Hickman
  3. A Hard Man To Love by Delaney Diamond
  4. Hot Summer by Judy Powell
  5. A Hustler’s Promise by Jackie Chanel
  6. A Hood Chick’s Story by LaShonda DeVaughn
  7. Charge It To The Game by Tonya Blount, Blake Karrington
  8. The Family Business by Carl Weber and Eric Pete
  9. Now You Wanna Come Back 2 by Anna Black
  10. Spontaneous by Brenda Jackson
  11. Me And My Bitch by David Weaver
  12. The Healing: A Novel by Jonathan Odell
  13. Rozalyn 2: Vengeance of the Heart by Keniesha Trimble Shan
  14. A Hard Man Is Good To Find by James W. Lewis
  15. A Hood Chick’s Story pt 3: The Final Chapter by LaShonda DeVaughn

Peace and luv!


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