Cee-Lo To Release Memoir?

Cee Lo Green - F--k You

Image via Wikipedia

Now I’ve heard it all – Cee-Lo, Mr. Fuck You himself, is coming out with a memoir. Even though I love him I’m not too sure he has done anything interesting enough for me to buy and read his book. What did he go through for all of us to give a damn? In case you are interested in the memoir though it will be published next year through Grand Central Publishing. It probably will take that long for him to write this one or his ghostwriters Big Gipp and reporter David Wild. He explains that this piece of work will allow his readers to ‘enter the supernatural, the surreal and extraordinary’. Okkkaaaayyyy…..still not buying it. Cee-Lo we don’t believe you we need more people! That’s all I’m saying.

Writers do you get frustrated when celebrities write books knowing that half the time they are not writing those novels or memoirs? I’m not pissed to the point where I want to hate on a regular basis but I am a little upset because it makes it harder for ‘normal’ people to get a nice traditional deal. What happened to storytelling? Publishers are more concerned with getting that A-list celebrity (sometimes B status) to write about themselves. That is probably why so many writers take the self publishing route. Well let me know if you’re going to read the memoir.

Peace and luv!


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