The National Indie Excellence Book Awards

I found another contest for anyone interested. Unfortunately I’m not able to participate in it. Even though I published a book a year ago it was thru e-format (which they don’t accept) and I didn’t get an ISBN number assigned to it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t. Put that book you published between 2009-12 in the mailbox to compete in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards. There is a long list of genres accepted that you can write on including: literary fiction, new fiction, motivational, body/mind/spirit, African American fiction, thrillers and women’s issues. There is a $69 entry fee that is non-refundable. Entries must be postmarked by April 10th and sent to:

  • Indie Excellence Submission, 269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite #1065, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Visit for full details. Winners will be announced on May 15th. Good luck.

Peace and luv!


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