2012 Tribeca Film Festival’s Movie Lineup

Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival (Photo credit: Laughing Squid)

This year 2800 submissions were sent to the Tribeca Film Festival to be acknowledged; that is 25 countries total being represented. These short films can compete to win up to $10,000 in prices and the recipient of the TFF’s Best Narrative Short Award can be also considered in the Short films category in the Academy Awards. The festival will be held on April 18th all the way to the 29th. Click on this link to see the full description of the nine categories but keep reading for the short films going up against each other in those 9 categories:

Men-Hatten Narrative

  • Willowbrook written by Andrew Rothschild
  • Turning A Corner written and directed by David B Ley
  • B61 written and directed by Michael Buscemi
  • Migraine written and directed by Matthew Bonifacio
  • BFF written and directed by Neil LaBute
  • Curfew written and directed by Shawn Christensen
  • Doggy Bags written and directed by Edward Burns

Character Flaws

  • Time of the Plums (Erik Zamani) written by Sezen Kayhan and Cemil Kavukcu
  • Donkey written by Keir Burrows
  • Fireworks written by Kevin James McMullin
  • Intermission Time
  • Angst
  • Asad written and directed by Bryan Buckley
  • Whakatiki written by Bernadette Murphy
  • Teacher of the Year written by Chris Modoono and Gil Zabarsky

Status Update

  • Rung written by Mike McPhaden
  • Cafe Regular Cairo written by Ritesh Batra
  • GABI written by Zoe Salicrup Junco
  • Bad Gones written by Stephane Demoustier
  • Screenshot written and directed by Cathal Burke
  • 43,000 Feet written by Matthew Harris
  • Double or Nothing written by Neil LaBute
  • Pitch Black Heist written by John MacLean

Escape Clause

  • Unmanned written by Casey Cooper Johnson
  • Prima written by Miquel Calayan
  • Stitches (Tfarim) written by Adiya Imri Orr
  • Voice Over written by Luiso Berdejo
  • The Procession written and directed by Robert Festinger
  • Picture Paris written and directed by Brad Hall


  • Adirake written and directed by Tati Barrantes and Andinh Ha
  • Chupachups
  • Easter Eggs written by Slobodan Karajlovic and Jelena Suilar
  • Trotteur written by Arnaud Brisebois
  • Foxes written by Garret Shanley
  • Transmission written by Zak Hilditch
  • All That Way For Love written by Thomas Martin

Long Short Story

  • Leonid’s Story (Istoriya Leonida) written by Rainer Ludwigs
  • A Falcon, A Revolution written by Md Rezwan Al Islam and Jassim Al Rumaihi
  • Every Tuesday: A Portrait of the New Yorker Cartoonists
  • The Perfect Fit
  • The Last Ice Merchant
  • Library of Dust

Help Wanted

  • CatCam
  • Paradise
  • Baseball In The Time of Cholera
  • Jean Lewis
  • Finding Benjamin written by John Wikstrom
  • My Neighbourhood written by Rebekah Wingert-Jabi


  • Dreamscapes
  • Alekesam written by Jason Bergh and Kevin Barth
  • Beauty Culture

Journeys Across Cultural Landscapes

  • An Incomplete History of the Travelogue, 1925 written by Sasha Waters Freyer
  • Scenes From A Visit To Japan
  • The Valley written by Leif Huron
  • Sinews of Peace written by Timo Franc
  • Barcelona
  • Democratic Locations written by Thomas Kutschker
  • Abyss of Man’s Conscience (ReconceceR)
  • Inquire Within
  • All The Lines Flow Out

Peace and luv!


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