Blogging The New Journalism?

DJ Spinderella pumps the jams as an opening ac...

DJ Spinderella pumps the jams as an opening act for the Black Girls Rock & Soul Tour DC. (Photo credit: DrivingtheNortheast)

I absolutely hate when I tell strangers I’m a writer and the person I reveal this to goes on this road of telling me they have been working on this novel for ten years or assume anybody can write a novel. No boo everyone can’t write a novel, don’t insult my intelligence like that.

Spinderella from Salt-N-Pepa a few months back took to Twitter and admitted her dislike for these celebrities who all suddenly becomes interested in DJing, even giving themselves cute little names like it is really that easy to become a DJ. Spinderella says she ate, slept, and lived for her God given talent so for some cocky celebrity to walk into a random club and stand in the booth with headphones and scratching one song then calling themselves DJs is insulting according to her. I feel what she is saying actually. I have my own blog (duh, you’re reading it right now); even though I write articles, look for what’s hot in writing and written novels doesn’t mean I can call myself a journalist. A journalist to me have spent years putting their sweat and tears into it in order to succeed in that profession. They’ve honed their craft that God blessed them with. So I will never call myself a journalist nor do I want any other blogger to call themselves that unless they did attend journalism classes. That’s just my opinion. Now one could say ‘well bitch you didn’t go to college to perfect your writing’. Yeah you right, but God told me He blessed me specifically with this gift so I don’t need to. Ok maybe because you can never stop honing your craft but I’m not calling myself anything that I am not. I can write, some of yall should be nowhere near a laptop, pen/pencil or a pad of paper. Hell some should not be nowhere near their brain with the shit they pull out of it and attempt to pass along as literary work. Hey, truth hurts!

I really don’t believe bloggers are the new journalists, because anyone can create a blog and type some ish. Most of the time it’s just regurgitated info off another site anyway. Journalists, you have nothing to worry about. If you are interested in going to school for journalism you might wanna check these top 10 journalism schools according to TVWeek:

10. George Washington Univ.

9. Univ. of Northern California

8. Univ. of California @ Berkeley

7. New York Univ.

6. Arizona State Univ.

5. USC

4. Univ. of Missouri

3. Colombia Univ.

2. Northwestern Univ.

1. Syracuse Univ.

Peace and luv!


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