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The manga section at Barnes & Noble at The Shops at Tanforan in San Bruno, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Publishing has evolved just within the last few years. No longer does a writer have to go with one of the ‘Big Six’ traditional publishers and wait months to hear whether the publishing house wants their manuscript or not. Writers have the ability to publish ebooks by uploading their finished manuscripts to publishing sites such as SmashWords,,, etc with ease and for free! Many have extra services (at a charge of course) to help shine up that novel – editors, cover designers, PR people. There are vanity publishers where the writer picks a package that will fit their goals that they are trying to achieve in their writing career. Always make sure you have your goals down on paper BEFORE you decide what route you wanna go. It will be overwhelming so be prepared. I guess it won’t help that I’m about to hit you with another option but here you go:

FastPencil is a digital publishing website giving writers a platform. Authors can publish free eBooks to be published on many electronic devices. No money is accepted until you decide to go ahead with the publishing. I checked the site and so far I haven’t found a catch to this.

  • For authors they can create books, collaborate with a team, publish and distribute the books. If one chooses the Wide Distribution they will get an ISBN and their work will be published under FastPencil, Inc.
  • For small and self publishers there is the ability to get your own imprint, ISBN block and branding. FastPencil eliminates a lot of overhead costs by providing publishers with the ability to edit, publish to multiple channels, sell online in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Ingram, Apple and many others. Royalties are 80% for your pockets.

Visit for all the details.

Peace and luv!


8 thoughts on “FastPencil

  1. Thanks this was really informative. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna publish my work but now I am. Thanks again.

  2. MarFoley says:

    Please post your publication to the FastPencil facebook page, too, so our entire community can support one another. Thank you for the informative and honest review!

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