And The Award For The Dumbest Criminal Goes To…

The logo of the Marijuana Party

The logo of the Marijuana Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Somebody seriously must have been smoking on their own ish to do something this stupid. The people at St. Martin’s Press got a surprise when they opened up what they thought was a manuscript. In actuality it was eleven pounds of weed addressed to a Karen Wright which ends up not being an actual employee. How much is eleven pounds worth? $70,000!

Ok this could be a few things. 1) This could well be a marketing stunt for St. Martin’s Press. Even though they are the largest publishing house they may want to stay relevant. Hey, everyone else is doing it. Bad publicity is still publicity. 2) I am for sure this publishing house have secretaries, security guards or door men. Think about it, who usually gets access to the mail first? The dumb ass probably told his dealer to send it via mail and he/she was supposed to obtain it before anyone noticed the packages. Don’t look at me like that, it could have went down like that I am a writer so I have an imaginative mind or 3) maybe it is an employee but no one is going to admit to having sent weed to their job right?

I smell surprise drug testing on all of their employees down to the door man. Surveillance cameras should be able to show who dropped the packages off to be sent. All I know the dealer is probably mad as hell, $70,000 ain’t no joke!

Peace and luv!


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