These Are Some Expensive Ass Books!

I’ll be damned if I pay these prices for some books. It better come with a man, ATM machine, a fabulous life, the answer to the meaning of life and a guarantee I’m getting into Heaven. You laughing but I’m serious. Read on and you will understand what I’m talking about. These are the most expensive ass books:

  1. Nuclear Energy. Zeynel Alkan. $6232.00, 620 pgs. It’s 3 volumes that give economic background info and with specific concepts, allows reader a proper comparison of different energy technologies.
  2. Compounds With 13-162 Carbon Atoms. C. Bauhofer, G. Peters, P. Weigner. $6,231.20 515 pgs. A guide to organic compounds.
  3. Noble Metal Systems from Ag-Al-Zn to Rh-Ru-Sc. G. Effenberg. $5,711.20. Provides critically evaluated data on phase diagrams, and crystallographic and thermodynamic data of ternary alloy systems.
  4. Selected Soldering and Brazing Systems. $6,231.20. MSIT. 510 pages.
  5. Selected Copper Systems. MSIT. $5,300. 475 pages.

You know I didn’t understand any of those titles right?

Peace and luv!


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