Who Controls Our Charter Schools?

Charter school supporters

Charter school supporters (Photo credit: gothamschools)

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation with some of the charter schools in the U.S. Why? There have been allegations of that have made a few eyebrows rise:

  • funds are being shifted around in the association with no explanation as to where it is coming from or why,
  • there is the abuse of the funds and contractors,
  • special treatments allegedly being given to the GM movement and their competitions
  • some of the science projects may be done by teachers instead of the students,
  • some of the charter schools supposedly are used for political connects and
  • there seems to be glitches in who is hired; special treatments to Turkish applicants.

GM or the Gulen Movement is an organization that owns the majority of our charter schools. You may not give a damn especially if your child doesn’t attend a charter school however you might want to. The Gulen Movement own charter schools in: Utah, Arizona, Illinois, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, Georgia and North Carolina. Over 90 charter schools are owned by the Gulen Movement. They set up shop over here because their views were too controversial in Turkey. Hmmm…..

They claim to promote peace and unity but looking closer into how the organization is ran it led me to assume some things doesn’t quite match. This shit sounds like some secret society stuff. Ok GM focuses on hard math, science and technology in the schools (nothing wrong with that). Turkish instructors are transferred over specifically for the purpose of teaching the students these subjects their ‘Muslim’ way (what is the difference between Muslim and American when it comes to these subjects). The majority of the teachers are Turkish men which is why there is a hike in visas. When asked by our government why more Americans are not hired for these positions they claim they cannot find American teachers that are qualified enough.

*I wanna pause for a second. Why doesn’t the affirmative action law apply to them? If they come over here to our country and benefit from the ‘American Dream’ why aren’t they obligated to oblige by our rules? If someone has that answer I would greatly appreciate it if you put it in the comment box below. Thanks, now back to your regularly scheduled reading….

The students that are qualified to attend these charter schools are the ones that appear easily manipulated and of course are Turkish. Gulen wants to revive the link between the state, religion and society. The U.S. is the only country that the Gulen Movement has been allowed to do their Turkish practices and they have known about the crooked dealings since 2006 but just recently decided to investigate this group. Newsflash it might be too late; allegedly there have been claims that supporters of this growing quiet storm are running most of the police departments and the judiciary. That might explain why this investigation took so long to happen. No one can really explain where all of this money to support and build these schools is coming from. Mr. Gulen who currently lives in Pennsylvania has been heard saying in a video:

You must move within the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence until you reach all the power centres. You must wait until such time as you have got all the state power until you have brought to your side all the power of the constitutional institution in Turkey.

This video was supposedly made right before coming over to the U.S. Last year when an officer wrote a book about the Gulen Movement he was jailed. Damn, that must have been one hell of a book! This year already two Turkish journalists have been arrested for being a tad bit nosey.

See this is what we get for being nice. If you think about it that is genius. Someone can propose a business plan to start charter schools, present it to developers then next thing you know they making little toy soldiers; who is going to think it’s really a set up for world domination? They are raising their children to overpower Americans in our own country? Wasn’t it in the Bible that one person will push one global religion? I might be mistaken but I’m for sure it is in there. The U.S. always wanna come in after something goes awry then attempt to fix it. This fool has been sitting in plain sight controlling these schools; no telling how many students are attending or the curriculum is being taught outside of the math, science and technology.

As far as the money goes remember foreigners do not have to claim taxes for at least seven years so the government had no reason to question where the money was coming from or how it was and is being distributed. Whose to say they will not slide over to the public school systems with the same principles they are teaching? Red sirens should have gone off when Turkey kicked him and his organization out. Please lets start a discussion about this! What are your thoughts?

Peace and luv!


2 thoughts on “Who Controls Our Charter Schools?

  1. Phyllis says:

    This is an eye opener, really. This country is so blind as what is going on right under their nose. We are letting these people walk all over us. Wake Up folks. Their plans are to take over the country, one day they will just over take us, because there will be more of them then us. Stupid Stupid Government oficials, what else could it be. They are every where, even in our Government. I just shake my head.

    • Yes. I’m glad you agree with me. It’s like they are hiding under plain site and we are choosing not to take those rose colored glasses off for our children. They won’t have a future if we continue down these roads. I definitely got to figure out how to change this system. We have been to nice for too long. I care about my kids’ future and I know you do too. Now if we can just clone ourselves lol. Thankx for commenting and come back!

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