Ending That Novel


Coming off WritersDigest.com here is a list of things to do or not do when writing the ending to that manuscript you’ve been working on. The explanations I will admit are all mine. Never stop learning all sides of the writing world from idea to actually publishing your work and everything in between. Don’t be too cocky that you feel you can’t improve in any area.

  1. Don’t Introduce Any New Character. Unless there will be a series there really is no need for a new character to be invented right at the end; you’re only going to piss off your reader which may lead to not buying future works.
  2. Don’t Describe. You don’t need to bog the reader down with drag out, unnecessary descriptions or over the top ones where they forget what was going on after reading the long ass details. Some things don’t need to be described down to the nitty gritty. Your readers are smart enough to figure out what is going on.
  3. Do Create The Sense Of ‘Wow!’ I’ve read many books that have left me with my mouth wide open, speechless. I luv that. I don’t know anyone who is a lover of novels who don’t give them that kind of response. However don’t overdo the ‘wow’ factor. Don’t have your ending so outlandish that your reader will sit there for a minute with the screw face because they have not a clue of what just happened.
  4. Do Enmesh Your Reader Deeply In The Outcome. Readers want to feel apart of the story. So any way that you can make them feel connected toward the end ay do it!
  5. Do Resolve The Central Conflict. Just like I pointed out in number 3 I’ve read books that gave me that ‘wow’ response however I’ve also read books that had me going WTF?! At the end of the day there has to be closure in the conflict or you’re wasting your time in writing the novel. You really want to have some kind of idea before you even write the novel of how the conflict will get resolved. You don’t start a business without the goal you want to accomplish is in the forefront of your mind right?
  6. Do Afford Redemption To Heroic Character. Give your heroic character the right to closure and/or revenge at end of the story. A great character goes thru change all through the story (at least I hope). Show us why the character deserves the outcome given to them.
  7. Do Tie Up Loose Ends of Significance. This ties in with number five. Whatever the problem is make sure it’s resolved by the end. Don’t have your reader’s puzzled and feeling jipped. That guarantees you an unhappy fan and an unhappy fan means that person may NOT be your fan later. These readers don’t play, trust me!
  8. Do Mirror Final Words To Events In Your Opening.You know when they tell you to close a letter or email inquiry with what you spoke about in the introduction paragraph; just basically reiterating why or what the purpose for you writing it in the first place? Same goes for a novel. Remind reader what the conflicts were at the beginning of the story and show (not tell) that the conflict was solved. Also if there was an unusual saying or mannerism that tipped off the story or a situation bring it back at the end,
  9. Don’t Change The Voice, Tone Or Attitude. I have a problem with this still. My main character a lot of time will start out one way but toward the end of the novel she/he would be totally different than what I planned them to be. Sometimes the tone would be softer than I wanted. It happens even to the best of them so don’t beat yourself up over it. Here is a simple tip – have your outline in front of you throughout writing the novel. This will keep you focused. It’s not bond so don’t feel as though you can’t change up but having an idea instead of writing like a chicken with its head cut off will save you time. Bad example? Sorry, that’s the second time today I did that today – so sue me!
  10. Don’t Resort To Gimmicks. Everybody has the answer to writing that perfect novel – do it this way, use this style, don’t fall for it. Do you, have your own style and do what makes you comfortable. If you can’t picture yourself reading what you wrote or your closest friends then scrap it. There’s no need to bring out all the stops, bells and whistles; sometimes simple is all you need to complete that novel. It’s like having sex. There’s the four play which builds up to the act itself, you two (or three whatever floats your boat) lick, bite, scratch, caress and kiss passionately working up to a powerful orgasm. Once you climax you’re out of breath, your heart is racing along with your pulse. Afterwards you need time to calm down well that is how a novel is created; how do you think the expression ‘my baby’ came about when referring to an author’s book?

I hope that helps you a little when conquering the ending of your story. And you thought starting a bangin beginning was stressful.

Peace and luv!


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