New Platform For Ebooks

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With all of the multiple platforms for writers to use for publishing their book it sometimes becomes overwhelming. You will spend more time looking for ways to publish than actually writing and polishing it. Hopefully I can shave off some of that stress, by giving you a place (my blog) to get resources so you won’t have to spend your days searching. Do you know how many days I would start researching publishing or marketing sites and wouldn’t pause for breath then realize it’s night time? Had me mad as hell wondering where did my day go?

I’ve found another platform that will allow writers to get their work published on their terms. Let me put this little disclaimer out there, just because I post about a publishing service doesn’t mean I’m endorsing it. There will be times I may co-sign on a publishing venture but for the most part I just wanna give you enough facts to help you on your writing journey. I’m not going to put a gun to your head and make you do something solely on the reason that I wrote about it, publishing is not an one size fits all thing. With that being said here you go.

Vook who is another digital publishing company has created a way for ebook authors to publish their work easier but still look like quality work of art. Authors and publishers can create by uploading text, images, drawings or videos and distribute their work to major marketplaces as well as track their sales. This easy process will assist in the layout, design and previewing the  finished project. They also can create an ISBN for the eBook (did you know that you need different ISBN numbers for the eBook format as well as the physical book?).

Lets look at their publishing options:

  • The Basic package is $79 a month and it gives you 1 free distribution credit. It’s a 100MB worth of storage,
  • The Bro package is $199 a month and you get 3 distribution credits and has 200MB of storage,
  • The Advanced package is $299 a month with 5 free credits and 500MB worth of storage,
  • The Enterprise package allows you to customize a package to fit your needs.

Distributing through Vook allows a writer/publisher to have 100% of their royalties, save some time to publish enhanced eBooks, track their sales, change their marketing data and get an ISBN. With Amazon being one of the platforms to sell the eBook $43.50 percent royalties will be given to you. Apple iBookstore allows you 70% in royalties and B&N will get you 50% in royalties.

Visit Vook‘s website at to start your free trial. Remember, know your writing goals BEFORE searching for a home for your book otherwise you will be very lost.

Peace and luv!


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