Dwayne Wade To Publish A Book

Dwayne Wade shooting a free throw for the Miam...

Dwayne Wade shooting a free throw for the Miami Heat against the Milwaukee Bucks, December 14 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Black fathers. Unfortunately it’s not a common thing to see and I am sadden by the lack of fathers in the home.

Coming out and dealing with a dirty divorce, having a girlfriend who is still at times called a ‘homewrecker’ as well as going through his nephew being shot would be the breaking point for a lot of people but not Dwayne. He is a father and wants to be a role model not only for his kids but for other kids and other fathers. Last year Dwayne won the National Fatherhood Initiative so congratulations on that D; it’s beautiful when I see a brotha doing what he is supposed to be doing. It is sad that we have been accustomed to fathers not being around the children they carelessly helped to conceive. During All Star Weekend we saw Dwayne in his element – basketball but behind the scenes Dwayne Wade joined President Obama at a roundtable discussion with the topic of fatherhood and mentoring.

Nice look D. Wade!

Bestselling author can now be added to his title. Publisher company William Morrow recently admitted they will be releasing a book written by D. Wade. The title will be A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball and it’s due in September of this year. Fatherhood mixed in with his own story growing up will be the topics. With all of the time he had during the NBA lockout Dwayne was able to write this book. He admitted that there will be stuff in there that even some of his close friends do not know about. Did you know Dwayne was once interested in being a writer and that he also was an actual sports writer?

Since Dwayne is extremely private this is a shock but might be worth reading. What do you think, would you be interested in reading it? People love rags to riches stories so it has the potential to be a success. If you know of a father not quite in his kids’ lives or even for those that is buy them this book.

Peace and luv!


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