Teacher Appreciation Week


teacher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who was your favorite teacher? Mine was Mr. Causey. I had him in middle school and he taught the typing class at that time. I got teased regularly for being the teacher’s pet. I didn’t care because I loved it. Probably because it matched with being a writer too, I don’t know but I will be forever indebted to him for introducing me to my love of computers.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming May 7th thru the 11th. Office Depot will be hosting an annual teacher appreciation breakfast. Teachers will also get 10% off their purchases along with a tote filled with gifts. With a lot of teachers coming out of their own pockets to purchase supplies for the classrooms and sacrificing so much this will be greatly deserved and appreciated.

Barnes & Noble will be hosting various workshops and events too. Students will be allowed to recognize their favorite teachers at a reception. Please check your local Barnes & Noble to see if they are doing anything. Unfortunately the one here in Fort Wayne is not (should’ve known).

What even qualifies a teacher to be considered great? To me a great teacher goes above and so far beyond for their students. It is an overwhelming task but they make every child feel like they matter. Their day doesn’t end at the last ringing of the bell. Not that it’s mandatory but all the great teachers I know was available even at home. I never called a teacher at their home because I know they have a life outside of school and my kids but the point that they extended themselves to help students/parents on their personal time made me respect them even more. Their love for their career is evident! If you think about it they are your child/ren’s 2nd mother/father, they see them almost as much as you. That teacher knows the impact they have on their students and they nurture them and prepare them for the world.

It seems as if I’m expecting them to be perfect Gods or something, no it’s simple really, a genuine love for students and sharing knowledge to them sums up what they should have as a goal.

Who was your favorite teacher? Think about maybe surprising them with lunch. Give them a gift certificate to either their favorite store or a school supply store. A simple ‘thank you’ note would do too. Do you have any ideas?

Peace and luv!


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